August 11, 2005

Back to Hong Kong

I am back to hot Hong Kong (and "hot" doesn't refers only to weather :-) ) after one week of vacation in Valmalenco, on the Italian side of Alps. Vacation was short, due to P’s visa problems and the need to follow works in our new home in the New Territories.
Even if today I have an … extended concept of what “home” is (or better : of where home is), Primolo
in Valmalenco will always be a reference point: it is the only place where I go back at least once a year, and probably it is the single place where I have spent more time in my life, up to now.
I found a strange Italy: prices are crazily expensive (often more, much more than Hong Kong) people are worried for a more and more unsafe job market and mountains are empty of tourists and becoming wilder.
My casual choice to come to Asia eight years ago, and to move from Shanghai to Hong Kong two years ago was correct, even if it was a blind choice: I had and I am receiving a lot from my living and working here and I have basically no regrets.
Meanwhile the fresh water and air, the beautiful landscapes and free space of southern Switzerland and northern Italy are extremely attractive. Will I be able, one day, to go back Europe with P ? probably yes, if Mr. Berlusconi and his acolytes (or better: his posse) will be deported to a more suitable country, like, i.e. Byelorussia, Moldova or even Afghanistan.
If you pass from Italy keep a couple of days to visit the Alps near Sondrio.

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