July 15, 2005


Lijiang in Yuannan is a place I love, when it isn't tourist season.
You can reach Lijiang via flight (very cheap!) or bus (cheaper!) from Kunming, Yunnan's capital.
It is a relatively small town where
houses are still preserved (and built) in the style of local minority (the "Naxi")
Extremely pleasant, culturally interesting (Naxi culture and dongba religion, a different writing: and don't miss the Naxi orchestra) and with much more and better night life than Hong Kong.
Once in Lijiang you can live in one of the dozen hostels in the old town: cheap but clean and lovely.
If you have time (and you like hiking) it is worthy to visit the "Tiger leap gorges" and, if you are brave enough you may continue to Sichuan and Shangri-la.


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