July 15, 2005

"I'm not afraid!": are you stupid ?

I have read on local newspapers about the “I’m not afraid” website.
It is a kind of container where anybody can send a message or picture stating that he or she is not afraid, after the bloody bombing of London’s tube on July 7.
The website author’s idea was to collect, in a kind of electronic monument, the solidarity of people towards London and to launch the message that people are not afraid by terror attacks, that they will react and will not accept to renounce to their lifestyle for fear of fanatic terrorists.

I have checked some of the pictures, and now I am really afraid.

The underlying meaning of many messages seems to be different from a statement of brave reaction against an attack to people and ideals: many messages seem to be a declaration of “I don’t care”.
The common reaction seems to be something like “Hey, I live fucking well in this way, I don’t care about what happens in the rest of the world, and I will not change a bit of my habits”. Even if I can read in many messages some solidarity for the victims (who doesn’t feel it?) I also see a complete lack of questioning, a lack of critical analysis about our present and the future outcomes of our lifestyle.

Fragments of the world’s real life have hurt London, as before they hurt Spain and the US. We are running out of energy resources, the economy in the capitalist world is glooming or it is growing at a doubtfully sustainable pace in China.
Pollution is causing weather changes and disasters with dozen of thousands dead (In the same days of London bombing an unexpected flood hit Sichuan and some southern provinces in China, causing hundreds of fatalities), and thousands of people die every day for war, famine, exploitation, illnesses.
Those thousands have millions of friends and relatives at risk. Whether in the past, when access to information was limited to elite, the victims of world exploitation were not aware of different lifestyles and opportunities elsewhere, now everyone knows.
The exploited migrant worker in Guangdong and the poor peasant of Anhui, the Chinese miner and the Cambodian who lost his legs on mines, the lady boy of Thailand and the rubbish scavenger of Manila, the widow of Tikrit and millions of others in Africa and elsewhere, are now watching your lifestyle from a television or reading about it on a magazine they collected from the rubbish. They have dreams and they have a strong survival instinct: are you still not worried?
Some not so poor and not so unfortunate are knocking on the doors of the wealthy EU or US. Their presence may contribute not only to the “western economies” and to a better understanding of what happens in the rest of the world. They could also contribute to sustain the poorest left home and to give them some hope. The reaction towards those migrants is a sound “we don’t care”. We close the borders, we increase the control, and we send them back after humiliating experiences as if this was a solution. Even when we “keep” them, because they are necessary for jobs we don’t want to do anymore, we humiliate them, we keep them at a distance, in clusters, carefully kept outside our lives.
In this way we just increase hate, and the sense of unbearable injustice that grows from comparison.
Then we go to vacation, because “we are not afraid” as a bunch of cretins.
Are you sure we can keep the holy borders sealed? Are you sure that what happens “outside” is not our problem? Ming emperors in China believed the same about the northern barbarians, and same did the latest roman emperors.
At the same time, while people are not afraid, things are already worsening inside Europe, as well described in the comment signed Dr Maroon to a post of Harry Hutton (http://www.chasemeladies.blogspot.com/ ) :
“Move along there, nothing to see here, business as usual, don’t let the terrorists win, get back to work, use the subway, it was a gas leak, high spirited young lads, keep your head down, keep paying your mortgage, don’t ask questions-especially about Iraq or Palestine, look at the camera, we will tell you when to worry, keep your identity card handy it could save your life, report Muslims with rucksacks, we know where you live, put on this armband.”
Have a nice vacation, as long as you can.


Anonymous sonny said...

Your analysis of the London bombing is most intelligent. It seemed all the authorities cared about after the bombing was sooth public fear and get people back on the tube. We are told the bombers were “extremists” that they are “evil men” an aberration in society. But what about the society that created them? Those men felt so strongly that their lives were so bad and unjust that they we willing kill innocent lives to make a point. Unfortunately their lives as well as that of their victims were lost in vain. For once again instead of fixing the social injustice so prevalent in this world, instead we are told that we must hunt them down. If this world were not so full of poverty and people cared a little more about each and a little less about profit, perhaps this tragic event and others can be avoided. Unfortunately this is not the case. Instead we are filled with we must not let the terrorist win show no fear and get back to life as before. It is life as normal which is causing these problems. So hoe is returning back as soon as possible helping? Just month after the event people are no longer talking about it and going on as normal. There aren’t any new policies to help the situation only one that alienate the already alienated. The world can seem bleak at times. Good thing not everyone is buying into what the governments are trying to sell.

7:50 PM  
Blogger redFly said...

man.....you can't use 'redfly" as a name for your "nerd(y)" blogg .......wtf...I'm redfly........it's a cool name .... so .....fuckoff....such stupid stories and posts on your blog.....change your name pls.

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