June 11, 2005

Let's Start

Overcoming the “horror vacui”, I try to fill this long-waiting page with some information.
Location: Where I am?
I live in Hong Kong, New Territories, extreme north-west of the Big Lychee (I hear the scream :“No! Not another HK blogger, please!). I travel very often to China: it is around the corner.

Language (with disclaimer):
I will try to use English, even if it is clearly NOT my first language.
I am not interested in comments about my bad English, but, of course, you can waste your time telling me how bad I write.
Would you like I write in Italian? This is my first language but hélas (now, this is French!) too few people understands it.
I could also try zhong wen, but I am not skilled enough (Panpan don’t blame me!).
Meanwhile you can leave your comments in any of the above languages: I’ll understand, and I will also praise you, in internet, by written.

Who am I?
An old, fat fly from Italy. After intensive travels and job assignments in North Africa, then in Latin America and somewhere else in the world, I found my cake in China six or seven years ago. I was an adopted Shanghai ren until I soft-landed in Hong Kong as general manager of a company.
In Shanghai I was found by Panpan, or I found her, or ,well, we met. It was an extremely improbable event and we were, apparently, completely different: that’s why it works.

What kind of blog is this?
I will follow the usual pattern:
- un-useful, self celebrating posts to overcome the contradiction between working as general manager and my pre teen dream to be a doctor for MSF or a revolutionary hero.
- Some more interesting stuff on travels around Asia, life in China and labour issues (the definition of “interesting” is, of course, subjective).
- Personal news to update relatives and few friends back in old Europe.
I will add some nice pictures, time by time, to increase the number of my readers thus boosting my ego.
The blog will be updated randomly: hey, I need to work too, and here in HK we work long time!

Thank you for reading: now I suggest you to use your time for something more worth. Have a nice day


Anonymous MAC said...

Buon inizio di un libro di successo
interessanti osservazioni sui nuovi dirigenti OSSESSIVI.
Visti da sopra l'inferno sono e restano umani

12:05 AM  

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